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Hana Kiera Nagy


2016    Development and introduction of the brand ICY Look 


2015    Development and introduction of the brand Hang Tough


2014    Development and introduction of the brand Lieb Ju  


2010    Development and introduction of the brand NC

2002    The company NAGY COLLECTION pr-couture was established, CEO & designer 

1994    Freelance designer, PR-Worldwide projects

1989    Freelance designer, European projects

1987    Collections for notable design studios in Paris and Rome

Lieb Ju CEO and Designer Kiera Nagy exclusively in an inspiring interview about the connection of Lifestyle Products and Manufacturing in Europe. 


„No Compromises“ and „Be you. Be individual.“ These are the key messages of Lieb Ju Designer Kiera Nagy. Nagy expresses energy and charisma with her Lieb Ju bags. In March 2014, Nagy launched her first Handbag Collection under the name Lieb Ju on the market. The small team works with passion and emotion behind Lieb Ju. The young Label stands for the collaboration between style and sustainability. Nagy would like to share a feeling of life with every single story.  


Mrs Nagy, you have been working for various fashion designers in the fashion industry since 1987 and have been managing your own company, Nagy Collection PR-Couture, for more than 12 years. What made you design bags?


About 3 years ago I was on the road again with a team in New York, I noticed a small sales booth where colourful towels and bags were sold. The quality was catastrophic and the bags stank of chemicals but being fascinated by the cheerful and powerful colours I still bought a bag. Then, the idea for Lieb Ju was born. 


What does Lieb Ju mean?


Lieb Ju means „I love you“ and „Love yourself“. With Lieb Ju I want to motivate Women to love themselves and accept themselves as they are and to be brave. A Lieb Ju is so individual, like the woman wearing it, it’s the perfect companion in every life situation. Lieb Ju means energy and enjoyment of life. Under this motto I create thoughtful and expressive bags away from the norm.


What makes your designs different from other labels?


Our products are thoughtful and adapted to today's needs. The Smartphone Bags from the Cosmopolitan line, like the business bags with a safe, are a novelty. Classic design, extremely practical, very popular and sustainable products. Our customers tell us they wear Cosmopolitan Lieb Ju every day. The style fits work meetings, lunching, travelling and parties etc.


Was their a specific reason why you produce your products sustainably?


Yes, there is, it is regrettable that so many great bag designers are producing under bad conditions. The used material and products are unfortunately not Fair Trade. It was my wish to change that and to create premium bags and accessories, using the best quality and the nicest material, which are outstanding and thoughtful for the modern woman of today. 


How does Lieb Ju bring sustainability into the label?


The production of the Lieb Ju's are made only in Europe in a few production sites or in those of our partners. The materials we use are also only from Europe. The first benefit is that we can promise a high quality and we can also benefit from knowing that I have done my social responsibility for this world.


Where are the Lieb Ju materials from?


Lieb Ju is designed in Germany and produced in Europe, only using materials from Europe. Our Leather is high quality from South Germany. We from Lieb Ju use Leather from animals that also get eaten, this is to make sure there is no wastage, especially of live animals. Another important theme is Upcycling, almost everyone knows it: Grandma has an old Mink coat or a Fox Jacket in her wardrobe, which has not been taken off the hook in years. Fur products like this, we use them to make our Lieb Ju Winter-Angels. So we honour the animal.


What are the Lieb Ju Angels?


Lieb Ju Angels are stylish tassels, they are detachable from every Lieb Ju bag so you can have the chance to experience something new everyday. This concept is exclusive at Lieb Ju. The many colours and designs of the Lieb Ju Angels are perfect to combine with every outfit and bag. Every Lieb Ju Angel is individually handcrafted, so you can wear your Lieb Ju for every outfit, mood and occasion.

Weitere Informationen sowie der online shop unter www.liebju.com

Das Interview wurde im Rahmen einer Pressemitteilung von rausch communications & pr / Martina Rausch geführt.